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07.04.2014 Цены на проживание в сети хостелов Traveler: хостелы Trinity (47 мест) и Riverside хостел (25 мест): Категория Цена за койко-место (в дол. США) 1 место в 3-х местном номере 20 1 место в 4-х местном номере 19 1 место в 6-х местном номере 17 1 место в 8-х местном номере 16 Двухместный номер 47 (цена за номер) Хостел Тринити:...


05.12.2013   Course Time Day of the week Duration Russian as a foreignlanguage 09.00 - 13.00 From Monday till Friday From 1 month Russian as a foreignlanguage 17.00 - 21.00 From Monday till Friday From 1 month


 Prices for study and living (for one week)    Study 80$ Individual 15$ Registration fee (pay once) 100$ Living In a family (in a separated room) 120$ A room in a flat 120$ Private flat 240$ Hotel                                     от 30 до 300$  We help you to find an apartment!


26.11.2013 Studying for those who need visa: We can help you to get the visa. Step 1. To start studying you need to sign up, (sign up)  and pay registration fee (variants of payment). You can pay by visa, mastercard, other variants of payment are available too (variants of payment). Step 2. Then you need to...

Our advantages

Our advantages: Learning in Russian-speaking country. Russian language is the official language in Belarus and the main language of communication. You will always hear Russian in shops and markets, in restaurants and cafes, in parks and cinemas. Practical environment will help you to use the received knowledge at once. Make friends easily and go out to...


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