Digital Advertising Specialist


Nauchsoft, an international IT consulting and software development company, is looking for a Digital Advertising Specialist to bring more leads to our company.

This position is a good fit for the following candidates:
-You are smart, have marketing background and have successfully passed comprehensive training in Google Ads. Now you are eager to build career in digital advertising.
-You are an experienced and thoughtful digital advertiser with solid experience in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You are tired of working with tens of accounts. Now you want less multitasking and more time to think.
-You are a universal marketer (maybe the only marketer in a company) and would like to work in a marketing team with colleagues who are experts in their areas, specialize on advertising and achieve big success in it.

Experience in IT is not required. We provide at-work trainings on IT topics.
If all your experience is in B2C, it’s not a blocker. You will have a chance to learn B2B specifics.

Types of ads:
-Google Search ads.
-Google Display ads, Facebook ads – remarketing and targeted advertising.
-In the future, new types of ads may be added, e.g., advertising on Twitter, LinkedIn.

Target markets: primarily the US and the Gulf.

Target customers: companies in various industries with 200-5,000 employees. Healthcare, finance, retail and manufacturing have higher priority.

-For Google Search ads: configure ad groups, collect keywords, write ads (on your own or with help of our copywriters). Then regularly check search terms, Quality Score, CTR, CPC and other parameters.
-For Google Display ads, Facebook ads: configure audiences, placements, task designers to prepare visuals. Then regularly check placements (for GDN), reach, frequency, CTR, CPC and other parameters.
-Tasking colleagues with updating or creating landing pages if existing ones do not suite.
-Regularly tuning campaigns.
-Regularly disabling irrelevant placements and search terms.
-Keeping campaigns within their budgets.
-Analyzing visitors’ behavior on landing pages via Google Analytics (e.g., via user flows, engagement) and a session recording tool. Collaborating with CRO team to understand how to increase conversions.
-Weekly and monthly reporting on cost, lead number, lead value and other parameters.

-Good knowledge of Google Ads.
-Knowledge of Facebook Ads is a big plus.
-Good reader in English to read internal documents, assess landing pages and choose right keywords. Written English sufficient at least to communicate with colleagues.
-Marketing thinking (ability to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and to think like a customer; psychology background would be an advantage).
-Ability to generate fresh ideas.
-Permanent and quick learner as we sell and promote various services and solutions.
-Sense of beauty: ability to appraise aesthetic of creatives and landing pages.

For additional information, please, contact recruiter Evgeniya Yerakhavets:
@erohovets (telegram)

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