Our advantages

Our advantages:

Learning in Russian-speaking country.

Russian language is the official language in Belarus and the main language of communication. You will always hear Russian in shops and markets, in restaurants and cafes, in parks and cinemas. Practical environment will help you to use the received knowledge at once. Make friends easily and go out to gain practice. To read all the advantages in Belarus .

The best price.

You can economize investing into you knowledge. Belarusis considered to be not an expensive country for living and tourism, and the biggest educational centre can offer you good prices. The price of study is from 3$ per hour (Prices). You can rent a one-room apartment in the centre of our capital for 500$. A good dinner costs $ 4-5.  A ticket in any means of transport is 25 cents.

The best teachers and methods.

We have a professional team of teachers, who have a great practice teaching students from different countries. Our teachers have many publications and use modern techniques and methods. They speak English and help you if you don’t understand something.

Help with casual problems and getting Visa.

Thanks to the cooperation with estate agencies, we can arrange your stay inBelarus. If you desire, we can help you to find a place for a living and get rid you of this process which can be accompanied by a long wait and inappropriate finds.

Organisation of events for students.

Minskis the capital of Belarusand it’s famous for its nightclubs, beautiful girls and hospitable people. The educational centre Lider will plan your events where you can communicate with your group mates and native speakers informally. You won’t be bored. You can travel round the country when you are free from the lessons. We can offer the most exciting places for you.

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha, its forests have survived in their original form. The National Park is included in the UNESCO World heritage of humanity. NesvizhCastleis a monument of architecture of XVI-XVIII centuries. Mir castle is an outstanding work of Belarusian architecture. Zhirovichi monastery counts 500 years with its distinctive architecture and rich historical past.


Study in a safe country. Belarusis considered to be a safe country.  According to the world survey our country has the least level of terrorism. You can watch a low crime rate in the country. There is no kidnapping, there are no extremist groups. You can go out in the evening around the city centre not fearing for your safety.

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