Russian language is the main language of international communication in the central Eurasia and Eastern Europe, the countries of former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, etc.), one of the main working languages in UN. It is the most widespread Slavonic language; it takes the 5th place in the world among other widespread languages.

Learn Russian in the country, where everyone speaks Russian. Practice it 24 hours in shops and markets, in restaurants and cafes, in parks and cinemas. The educational centre Leader will involve you into the world of Russian language. Our centre is the biggest in Belarusand we have been working for more than 10 years. Every year we teach more than 10000 people, more than 500 companies trust us. We work in 26 cities; we always innovate our programmes and publish manuals.

In our centre you can find every level of the course «Russian as a foreign language» (Shedule /prices). We offer group and individual lessons, 20 ours per week (Shedule). It’s not important if you are newcomers or you have a minimal knowledge, anyway we will help you to start speaking and make your Russian perfect. We have a programme, designed specially for you (Programme) that will help you to achieve the goals. It’s also possible to confirm your knowledge with the help of special cultural programme.

Russian is a language with a great potential. BUSINESS AND ECONOMY. The 140-million market of the Customs Union opens new opportunities for joint projects and trade. The Russian economy, 6-th in the world, is booming, it supplies about 40% of the world natural gas. The companies doing business in Russianeed a staff that speaks Russian. TOURISM AND TRAVELLING. To understand the mentality of the «Russian people», and the mysterious meaning «Russian soul»… Only talking the same language will give you such a pleasure. And the geography of travelling, where you will be understood in Russian, is great. CULTURE. The Russian classic literature gave the world the magnificent samples of creativity. Poems by Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov became the true masterpieces. Nobel laureates are Boris Pasternak, Mikhail Sholokhov, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky. Reading originals of their works costs rather expensive.

By the way…

Russian words were pronounced in the space. On the 12th of April, 1961 during a manned flight into space, Y. Gagarin said: «I feel great. I hear you perfectly. The flight is going well».

So let’s begin with 33 letters of Russian alphabet. Let’s go…

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